Dr. Andrew Jacono Reviews the Dangers of Medical Tourism

Dr. Jacono and Anderson CooperDr. Jacono on Anderson speaking about medical tourism. Medical tourism can mean one of two things. It sometimes refers to people from the United States going overseas to have procedures done in an effort to save money. Other times medical tourism can mean the exact opposite, when people travel to the United States in order to have the most advanced care.

There is a growing number of people traveling from all over the world to the US for surgery. One of the reasons being the strict certification process that board certified plastic surgeons go through. Travelers know they will be in good hands and it’s worth paying extra for piece of mind.

The reason the trend of late has been for US citizens to have their procedures done locally is the risk their procedure may end up costing more in the short or long term. Dr. Jacono speaks with Anderson Cooper about what patients may have to contend with when having their surgery abroad. For example, one key point Dr. Jacono brings up is if there is a complication after surgery and you are home, your doctor is not here to assist you. Sometimes complications do not occur until months after surgery. In cases like this, the cost can be even higher to treat another doctors work when back in the United States.


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